Grade 5 Financial Literacy Course – Learner Guide


The goal of this Financial Literacy Course is to equip the grade five learners with financial prowess in a multitude of subjects. The course helps to advise on how to make financial decisions, making smart choices with money, planning SMART goals, how to qualify for loans and understanding credit. There is also a multitude of information taught on how to make a business plan, how to do risk management and how to save and budget money.

The teacher’s guide for the Grade 5 Financial Literacy Course can be found here.

The Financial Literacy Course for Grade 5 focuses on equipping the learner with the following skills:

Financial Psychology

  • How do we make decisions
  • Decision-making steps
  • Making choices with money
  • Planning SMART goals
  • What moves you?

Credit, Debt & Loans

  • Qualifying for a loan
  • Understanding credit
  • What's your plan?

Income, Careers & Business

  • Making business plan
  • Choose your employer

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Stuff happens
  • Insurance

Accounts, Savings & Budgets

  • How should I spend money?
  • How should I budget my money?


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