Grade 4 Financial Literacy Course – Learner Guide


The goal of this Financial Literacy Course is to equip Grade 4 learners with financial prowess in a multitude of subjects. The course helps to advise on how to make financial decisions, creating a plan to achieve financial goals, advise on making choices with money and having a healthy relationship with money. This study guide also teaches you about the ways to pay loans and how credit and debt works.

The teacher’s guide for the Grade 4 Financial Literacy Course can be found here.

The Grade 4 Financial Literacy Course focuses on equipping the learner with the following skills:

Financial Psychology

  • Making Decisions
  • Creating a plan to achieve your goal
  • The Money Mindsets
  • Wants vs Needs
  • Short- and Long Term Goals
  • Making Choices with money
  • Money & Emotions
  • The most Important Thing
  • Relationships & Money

Credit, Debt & Loans

  • Ways to Pay

Income, Careers & Business

  • Making a Business Plan


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