African Wisdom – Dr Lanette Hattingh & Heinrich Claassen


Animals have a lot to tell us and advice to give. We learn through their wisdom when we listen with our hearts. The intelligence of animals is something that we can all learn from. Their behaviour in the wild can offer examples of how we can all live in harmony with everything and everyone.

In this book you will find priceless wisdom through inspirational lessons for excellent living. You’ll discover what we could learn from the lion, the zebra, the gemsbok and 23 other fascinating animals to enhance your inner qualities and life skills to stay – or get! – on top.

The beautiful pictures of animals and the African landscape compliment the quality of the content. A true feast for the mind, soul, and eye.

This book is a must-read as well as an excellent gift.

The material is endorsed by SACE (PR12993).


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