Do you have a will?


Nearly 75% of South Africans pass away without a valid or up-to-date Will in place – causing massive negative ramifications for their families.

Most people don’t think about or plan for the legal expenses associated with dying including Executor fees, conveyancing fees and Trust fees.

Lack of planning can financially cripple your Estate and erode your intended legacy.

Upon death, your bank account is frozen making it difficult for your family to transact.

Most people think that life cover or their Estate will cover month to month living expenses such as rates, bills, rent, groceries when they pass away.

But often life cover is delayed, and the Estate can’t be distributed until it’s finalised, leaving the family in a tough cash flow position.

Capital Legacy’s Estate Overheads Protector helps cover these essential monthly bills.

Give your family and loved ones peace of mind that everything has been taken care of and no unforeseen fees and expenses will creep in during a very difficult time.

UNIQUE Points:

  • Complimentary Will , Amendment of Will & Safe custody of Will at no extra charge.
  • No Consultation Fee. – We come to You
  • Policy indemnifying (Covers) deceased estate legal fees.
  • The Policy has an additional immediate cash benefit paid to a beneficiary of your choice within 48 hours after receipt of a death certificate.
  • No Trust Initiation Fees.
  • Average of 9 months to wind-up an Estate, as opposed to the general average of 2 years.
  • Direct contact person when winding-up the Estate.
  • 25% indemnification/discount on Legal Fees as opposed to the general average of 4.02% charged.

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