All of us at MyLife are extremely proud of and excited with Ctrl. It isn’t just us who highly value and rate the creators of SA’s first end-to-end short-term insurance app which helps you choose from multiple quotes to insure your stuff without dealing with call centres, paperwork or wasted time.

Ctrl has recently been announced as the winner of the Virtual South Summit: Africa Edition 2020, an online joint initiative created by South Summit and IE University to keep boosting the visibility and ties of innovation in the ecosystem. What makes this an extraordinary accomplishment, is that all the top players in the industry, including content from the best professional in the sector and a Start-up Competition in which the most disruptive start-ups, gather in this encounter to share their projects in front top-notch investors and corporates. 

South Summit is the leading innovation platform which connects the most disruptive start-ups with worldwide investors and corporations seeking to improve their global competitiveness through innovation.

The next round of this exciting global competition will virtually take place during the first week in October. Whatever happens there, Ctrl surely already is a winner. So … watch this space – we’ll keep you updated. 

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you download, use, and share their app.

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