Balance your traits, education, and career 

23% of school-leavers admit to being fully comfortable with their career choice. Parents should dedicate time and resources to investing in career choice interventions for their children instead of trying to ‘sell’ their children the career path they have in mind for them. Even though their intentions are usually good, this behaviour can encourage the wrong career path and often, they are simply setting their children up for failure. Too often it will be only a matter of time before their child experiences a ‘study crises’, or even worse, a career crisis once employed.

An alarming number of university students drop out of the course they initially enrolled for. This is because many students realize far too late that they have chosen the wrong career path. Added to this is the fact that 52% of people don’t end up doing what they studied to do at university or college. What is more, 83% of graduates either end up in the wrong job or bitterly unhappy at work.   

Choosing the wrong career path not only wastes large amounts of money, but also valuable time which could have been spent on pursuing the right career path and experiencing a taste of happiness and real success.  

With the right advice, today’s career choice can positively influence tomorrow’s quality of life.

You could be part – or let your child be part – of an excursion helping you to be exposed to some “never thought of” careers and new paths to be explored.

By doing a career assessment today you can find out what awaits you career wise, what you could add on or, even better, just take a first step to be part of a journey to remove the obstacles between you and success. One is never too old to achieve many of one’s life goals and enjoy excelling in one’s career more than ever. 

If you are a parent of a high school learner (or maybe one in Grade 7, looking for the correct high school for 2021), you can help your child to avoid possible mistakes and let them take an assessment to choose the correct subjects or choose the correct course at the correct university or tertiary institution.   

The importance of these choices urges us to balance our traits, education, and career. 

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