Make your Lunch Box work for you

Lunch is a very important meal and your lunch box need not be boring or dull.

Add color, fiber (supporting gut health) & protection (against typical office germs) by filling ½ lunchbox / ½ large plate with vegetables, salad and/or fruit. This will support your immune system for the long term. 

For sustained energy and concentration include a moderate portion of lean protein (e.g. lean cold meat, chicken fillets, boiled egg, lean biltong) and/or dairy (white cheese, milk, yogurt, maas), in the long term it also help maintain muscle and bone mass. 

To prevent the “after lunch” drop in energy levels, include a Lower GI starch portion with lunch, e.g. Low GI bread, Provita, Durum wheat Pasta, corn etc. 

Make the heart smile but keep the waist in place (men: < 94cm and women < 80cm) by adding some good plant based fats/oils, e.g. avocado, nuts and/or seeds, olive oil, olives etc. These also support healthy eyes, skin and immune system. 

Here’s some Menu ideas:  

  •  6 x Provita + ½-1 cup lean biltong + 2 T almonds + ¾ cup fruit salad + ½ cup plain yogurt
  • 1 x medium whole wheat/seeded wrap + chicken fillet strips, salad vegetables + 1 Tablespoon Lite + 1 Tablespoon Avocado + 200-300ml drinking yogurt
  •  1 x Low GI seeded/whole wheat ham & cheese sandwich + 1 Peach + ½ cup yogurt
Alet Basson is a Professional Dietician  

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