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What is mylife mag?

One of the wonders of being an adult is the privilege to determine one’s own lifestyle. Based on your personality, strengths, and aspirations, you decide how you want to live. By the way, how would you describe your lifestyle? And the lifestyle you want or would love to have? If you were to brand yourself, which of your physical, psychological, social, and economical values, interests, opinions, and behaviours would you emphasize as “You”?

Whatever lifestyle you choose, you will find MyLife to be an excellent companion on your journey. Use MyLife to build and sustain emotional, social and financial health – and wealth. With you in mind, MyLife – with our Lifestyle Platform ( and Magazine ( – created a safe space in which you’ll find tools to help you manage your professional career profile.

Career Explora

The world of work has in our age become quite daunting. To face the challenges posed both working adults and…

Chart Learning Solutions Logo
Chart Learning Solutions

Today’s professional knows that learning is the key to life-long success. Chart Learning Solutions is a performance improvement company and a leading…

Hippo Lakes

Hippo Lakes brings you the ultimate luxury African Safari experience. Situated in the spectacular Waterberg region, the lodge is uniquely nestled along…

Are you also tired?

While having a few cups of coffee with friends last week, we started talking about why some of us were…

Do you have a will in place? A Question frequently asked during National Wills Month.

More than 70% of people in SA do not have a will – a basic document describing what happens to…

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ABCs of Employment: B

In case you missed it: The A in ABCs of employment is for Attention In the ABCs of employment “B”…

Put Your Dreams To Work

I get restless when people talk about their dreams. Maybe it’s because I see the word “dream” as something that, for most…

How to create financial mind space in this Covid period

Never before, have we experienced such uncertainty in terms of our world, what the future looks like.  So, the question…

Congratulations, Ctrl!

All of us at MyLife are extremely proud of and excited with Ctrl. It isn’t just us who highly value…